Alpha Omega Epsilon at Texas A&M University was founded as the Beta Omega Chapter on February 1st, 2020. As a STEM sorority we look forward to expanding our sisterhood of women in STEM, developing professional and leadership skills and volunteering in our community.

Recruitment Application

Application Fall 2021








Why We Chose AΩE

"AΩE felt like a safe place from the moment we all first met. The genuine support, care, and growth that I could feel has been more rewarding than I could have imagined."

- Hannah Haw '20, Alpha Class

"From the beginning, everyone was very friendly and inclusive and I immediately made connections with the women in AΩE. I joined AΩE because of the professional development events and the fact that they serve the community, which is important to me."

- Christine Buchwalter '23, Gamma Class

"As a woman in a male dominated workforce, I found that it is vital to find a support system. AΩE has provided that for me and enabled me to share my love and appreciation for both myself and everyone around me."

- Kathy Nguyen '23, Beta Class

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